Driveway Drainage Simplified

Every driveway drainage system provides either surface or sub-surface drainage. The surface drainage system is made with a special concern that involves the removal of water from the upper surface of the driveway like the patio and the pavement. The Sub-surface driveway drainage system refers to the disposal of water that gathers underneath the driveway surface. In the sub-surface driveway drainage system underground pipes and very complicated suction pumps that help remove the water under the driveway.

A standard and a modern driveway that is commonly used in the houses is sold with two different types of driveway drainage are Combined Driveway Drainage System and the Linear Driveway Drainage System.

The Combined Driveway Drainage System is one of the cheapest forms of drainage system. It is the most common one also that drains out water easily without providing much discomfort. This driveway drainage system is a general drainage system that is used in patios or driveways of bigger houses. This drainage system is unique in itself as it combines all that dirty drain water that has got collected from various sources and eventually disposes it through a common medium. Here the entire surface and the water that has drained off the pavement or the roof are drained out with the groundwater. This kind of a drainage system is often referred as a mix drainage as if is helpful in draining out the water on the surface as well as the water below the surface. This is, therefore, the easiest and the cheapest drainage system which is why it is very popular and used a lot.

Linear Driveway Drainage System many driveway or a patio drainage system have a linear driveway drainage system. This drainage system is a surface drainage system. This kind of a drainage system is laid all around the driveway’s length. As the drainage system is laid all around the driveway’s length it makes it even more expensive if compared to any other drainage system and this drainage system is installed around a specific drainage site. It is installed typically in a U shape that encircles the entire driveway so that the surface drainage is a proper one. In the Linear Driveway Drainage System a grating is often used to camouflage the drainage system in the backdrop of the immediate surrounding and makes it look like the scenery behind. As the Linear Driveway Drainage System is expensive it is not widely used.

When a driveway slopes towards the house the chances of rain water entering the garage is very high especially when it rains heavily. Any drainage system installed will be of help but it would be better if one knows that how much run off water is to be expected at one point of time so that things become easier.

If the driveway drainage is inappropriate then it causes a lot of havoc for the people who use driveway and it is brutal for the patio and pavements.

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