Floor Drains For Any Application

Floor drains are one of the plumbing fixtures that make up a plumbing system. They are designed to direct standing water around them to the plumbing in the floor which then directs it to the local drains. Most of them are round but some are often square or rectangular. They are commonly used around the house. Floor drains are usually found in the bathrooms, kitchens, and where ever else water is used in the house. Other than its domestic uses, they are used in a number of ways like to drain water from the fountain pools, swimming pools, locker shower rooms, near laundry facilities etc.

The sized of these floor drains vary from 2 inches to 12 inches and most of them are 4 inches in diameter. They always have a strainer on it to prevent things from blocking the drain. It also prevents from injuring the homeowners and also prevents insects to enter the household. These strainers used to be fixed on the drains but nowadays they are designed in such a way that they can be removed. Some are designed in such a way that they have container that acts as a filter. The filter in the floor drains tends to traps whatever small pieces get caught in the drain so that the plumbing doesn’t get clogged. The strainer is removed to reach the container which can also be removed and cleaned. The strainers come in variety of designs and colors to match the environment. Designer strainers are also available and can be custom ordered.

Floor drains always have a trap. The trap is known as the curve in the pipe connecting the floor drain to the rest of the plumbing. This pipe goes down, curves and comes up and then continues. This curve holds some water when it is drained from above to create a water seal. This seal prevents the sewer gases to enter the household/building.

Floor drains have many types. Some of the common ones are floor drain body only. As the name explains it has just the body and no strainer. Then there are medium duty floor drains. It has the body and a simple strainer. Thoroflush drain is the one with an elevated strainer and a built in trap. Vendal proof access drain is a very modern looking floor drain that has an elevated strainer with a number of round holes but the best part is that the strainer has a cover that totally eliminates the entry of drain insects. Thoroflush drain large capacity has a large strainer and a large hole so that great amounts of water can be drained. Refrigerator drain is a round drain with a bumper down strainer. These and many more kinds of floor drains are available for many specific needs and can be found in the markets. They can also be ordered online. They are installed with the whole plumbing is done but if the need changes and another kind of floor drain is to be installed one should always contact a plumber and should not attempt to install it themselves.

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