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Water standing in the driveway is a big issue. It damages the property and worse it smells really bad when it has been standing for a while. In countries where the temperature drops below zero degrees, the water in the driveway can freeze, which may be disastrous. Driveway drains provide the best solution for this problem.

First of all when constructing a house, the driveway should be paid particular attention. It should be made sure that the driveway has a slope that tilts away from the property. This is a very easy and sensible way to direct the water away from the property. Once the water is directed away from the property, driveway drains provide a drainage system to remove the static water from sight. In case the house is built at a lower level than the main road, and the tilt is towards the property, driveway drains can still solve the problem. There are two ways to remove the water, first one being the surface draining where the water is removed from the surface of the driveway and the second being the subsurface draining where the water goes under the surface of the driveway and can be dispensed to main drains of the locality.

Most commonly used driveway drains are the trench drains. They are easy to install and can direct the water away from one’s driveway to the local drainage system. It doesn’t matter if the driveway is big or small; trench drain method is a very reliable method. Although it is recommended to build a trench with dimensions that are practicable with the amount of rainfall one gets and the dimensions of the driveway. A small driveway which does not have a heavy traffic and less rainfall, a trench of about four inches should be enough whereas the one with a heavy traffic and a heavy rainfall should have a trench of about eight inches. Also the trench should run for 80% to 100% width of the driveway.

The grates that cover the trench are also important. Heavy metal ones should be used to cover the trench for the driveway drains that receives a heavy traffic where as a lighter grate would suffice for the driveway that doesn’t receive much traffic. The materials used to make the grates generally include galvanized steel, ductile iron and stainless steel. Designer grates which are a bit more expensive are also available in different designs.

French driveway drains are another effective option for driveway drains. They are made with a punctured pipe that is then surrounded by gravel and filter fabric. They tend to collect the water, and tend to keep the subsurface drained water away from the foundation of one’s house.

For domestic driveways, there are two basic kinds of drainage systems, one is a combined drainage system and the other is a linear drainage system. Different types of driveways need different kinds of drainage systems. There are companies that specialize in providing home owner with a number of driveway drain systems. They should be considered when one wants to install driveway drains. These companies can be tracked down online for their services.

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